Welcome to LightAndColorInNature.org!

Welcome to LightAndColorInNature.org, a gather point for a group of professional and amateurs brought together by a love of light, color, and science. Areas that interest include, but are not limited to: rainbows; ice crystal halos; glories; coronas; iridescence; sky color; atmospheric visibility; refraction effects; contrast phenomena; noctilucent clouds; optics of lightning; auroras; colors created by absorption and scattering in water and air; color and light in water and on water surfaces; iridescence and colors in biology and geology; atmospheric optics in history and archaeology; and computational techniques for calculating and rendering optical effects in the atmosphere and landscape.

Our group holds international conferences, roughly every three years. The 10th meeting was held on June 16-20 at the St. Mary’s College of Maryland campus in St. Mary’s City, Maryland, USA. As this site grows it will at a minimum contain information on all our past conferences, as well as our upcoming conference to be held in Alaska in 2013 generic cymbalta. Coming soon we will have an announcement mailing list to which you may join to hear updates on our meetings as well as a separate discussion list for informal conversation. There are many high quality resources on the internet, rather then duplicating them here, we will have a page of curated links, citations and book recommendations.

The website is currently being maintained by Josh Steinhurst, who among other duties was the webmaster for the 2010 conference. Please contact him if you have any resources to contribute to the site or questions about the logistics.